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A Cream Cheese-Centric Cafe Has Opened in the East Village

When you think of famous New York City foods, dollar pizza, hot dogs and bagels may come to mind. 

But what about the cream cheese schmear that makes your bagel and lox? 

Becky’s Bites, a cream cheese-centric cafe, is shining some serious light on the lovable spread. 

On the menu at Becky’s vintage-inspired, but modern cafe, are “a.m. noshes,” which included bagels with a choice of ten different cream cheese options, parfaits and coffee.

In addition to the morning eats, the new eatery offers a slew of sweet “p.m. treats,” like tiny tarts, mini cookie sandwiches and Beckaroos, the cafe’s take on the childhood classic, "Dunkaroos." Another item on the treat menu is a chocolate dipped cream cheese bite, which was the initial recipe by chef and owner Becky Rosenthal that inspired the cafe.

The treats are small and surprisingly light thanks to the use of whipped cream cheese sourced from New York’s Hudson Valley.

Along with the many sweet treats, Becky’s Bites will offer unique flavors of cream cheese for purchase. Cappuccino, cookies and cream, strawberry, loaded lox, funfetti and a few more unusual flavors round out Becky’s Bites' cream cheese offerings.

The take-out or delivery only cafe, opens Friday on E. 7th Street near Tompkins Square Park in the East Village.

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