Dash Cam Catches Terrifying Crash on Side of I-95 in Connecticut

State police dashboard camera footage captured a terrifying crash where a car plowed into a car on the shoulder of Interstate 95 in Connecticut, narrowly missing two people standing alongside the highway.

Yoni Rojas, 21, of Bridgeport is facing multiple charges including reckless endangerment and reckless driving after the crash on I-95 South in Fairfield just after midnight on Thursday, according to Connecticut state troopers.

Authorities say Rojas plowed into a car that was pulled over following an earlier two-car crash near exit 19. The wreckage barely missed a pair of people who were standing on the passengers side of the vehicle. 

Video of the scary scene was posted to the State Police's Facebook page, with troopers reminding drivers to move over if emergency vehicles are parked on the side of the road. 

The footage from the dash camera of the first cruiser on scene shows a car appear to come out of nowhere at a high rate of speed, coming within inches of hitting two people standing behind a vehicle on the highway. They jumped back in what state police called a "hair-raising" moment to avoid being hit right as the barreling car takes out the vehicle they were standing next to and pushes it out of the camera's view.

Neither the two people nearly hit nor the state trooper at the scene from the original crash were injured.

Rojas did sustain minor injuries. He was expected to appear in court on Friday morning. Attorney information for the man wasn't immediately available. 

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