Crank Yanker Arrested After Fake “Cop Shot” 911 Calls

A man who was recently arrested tried to get back at the NYPD by calling in fake emergencies to 911, according to a report.

Daquan Gardner made the calls from a public phone last week, claiming that an officer was shot in the head, and providing a location to the 911 operator, The Post reported.

Gardner made four calls from the phone near his Park Slope home, and even gave a badge number, according to the paper. He'd been arrested while smoking weed several weeks prior.

When officers heard the tape of the emergency calls, they recognized the voice, according to The Post. Police said he confessed after they played the 911 tape for him.

"He got locked up, he was mad at the police and he was trying to cause trouble," an investigator told The Post. Gardner was charged with falsely reporting an incident, according to a spokesman cited by the paper.

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