More Trouble for Craigslist Mom Accused of Phony Posts

Can a mother's love go too far?

It did in the case of 40 year old Margery Tannenbaum, according to Suffolk county prosecutors.

The licensed clinical social worker from Hauppauge is facing upgraded criminal charges in a case Suffolk's district attorney has called "strange and disturbing."

It began back in February, when Tannenbaum came to believe her daughter was being harassed at a Hauppauge elementary school.

To combat that harassment, prosecutors have alleged that Tannenbaum turned to CraigsList.

She is accused of taking out an ad for sex in the "casual encounters" section.

It read, "I need a little affection.  I am blonde and very cute!  I'll be waiting."

The men who responded by email were then directed by Tannenbaum to the phone number of the 9-year-old-girl Tannenbaum believed was orchestrating her daughter's harassment, said prosecutors.

In all, more than 20 men called the girl's home, asking for her by name- unaware she was just nine years old.  Fortunately, the calls were intercepted by the girl's mother, explained Suffolk district attorney Thomas Spota.

"This was a social worker, someone who is supposed to help people,  using the internet for retribution," Spota said.  "And that's just wrong."

Tannenbaum said nothing outside Suffolk district court in Central Islip.  A judge issued an order that she stay away from the young victim, whose name we are witholding.  The girl's father refused comment today.

Tannenbaum's lawyer denied the allegations against her.

"What's disturbing is that this is being blown out of proportion," said Tad Scharfenberg.

Tannenbaum will be back in court later this month.

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