Is Craig the Lobster Being Sent to Die?

A 20-pound lobster named Craig was perfectly happy with two new loving owners in his tank in a Brooklyn restaraunt last week, but now his owners are having a change of heart. 

Through a lobster-human translator, he told us they want to send him "back to the ocean," which is silly because big old Craig has gotten quite happy, thank you, with the sweet mechanization of his restaurant lobster tank. The benefits -- constant food, filtered water and minimal threats -- highly outweigh the risks of that cold, lonely ocean.

But that's no matter to the owners of Halu Japanese Restaurant and Grill in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, who purchased the 80-year-old lobster last week for $100. His claws, they say, (which I must add here are bigger than a human's face) would be happier digging though the sand, lobstering through his remaining days in the vast and expansive ocean that he once called home.  Whether that's his death sentence or a humane lobster release has yet to be seen.

Urbanite spoke withJohn Peng of TJ Kings Lobster, who said finding such a large lobster is "rare," adding he's "only seen three in my 20 years in the business."

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