Ebola Monitoring Ends for 114 NYC Health Workers Who Cared for Dr. Craig Spencer

The active monitoring period has ended for the last of the 114 health workers who cared for New York City's Ebola patient.

Dr. Craig Spencer got out of Bellevue Hospital Center on Nov. 11 after he was declared Ebola-free. He was admitted on Oct. 23.

The city had been monitoring hospital, EMS and laboratory workers involved in his care as a precaution.

In a letter to New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation staff Tuesday, President Dr. Ram Raju recalled the day Spencer left Bellevue and the mayor declared the city Ebola-free.

"On that day, as Dr. Spencer approached the grand Bellevue Hospital atrium for his public send-off, dozens and dozens of cheering staff lined the hallway. Many of his nurses stood proudly behind him at the podium. It was clear that a special bond had developed between our patient and his dedicated care team," he wrote.

"I was never so proud. But I also realized our work was not over. We still had a second and urgent milestone to clear and we began to mark the 21-day monitoring count-down for more than 100 HHC staff who, day and night, provided medical care and support to Dr. Spencer."

"Today, I'm pleased to announce that all HHC employees who directly cared for Dr. Spencer have safely passed the 21-day monitoring period and have been cleared of risk for this deadly infection," Raju wrote. 

Bellevue is designated as one of four Ebola treatment centers in New York City. 

City officials also said that as of Tuesday afternoon, the Health Department was monitoring 222 other people "out of an abundance of caution."

Those people had arrived in New York City within the previous 21 days from the four Ebola-affected countries.

The city says none of them have shown any Ebola symptoms.

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