Dog Owners on Alert After Coyote Attacks in Westchester

Dog owners in Westchester County are on edge after a series of recent coyote attacks.

A small dog in Chappaqua was badly wounded on Monday when a coyote grabbed it by the neck as it was playing in a neighbor's yard. Its injuries required thousands of dollars in veterinary treatments.  
The owners of another dog, 6-year-old Ruby, believe coyotes were responsible for snatching it out of their backyard on May 5.  
"Unfortunately they seem unusually aggressive this year," Michael Dresner, Ruby's owner, said of the carnivores. 
Police have put out a warning for residents to be on the lookout for coyotes, particularly around dawn and dusk. 
"I'm here 22 years and have never seen anything like what is going on," said Katherine Mirisola, a dog walker who says she never leaves her four small dogs out of her sight. "These coyotes are all over." 
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