Cow Escapes Queens Slaughterhouse, Leads Cops on Chase

NYPD cops did their best cowboy impressions Thursday afternoon, wrangling a bovine that escaped a slaughterhouse  and ran through the streets in Queens. 

Officers in Jamaica say they cornered a cow in a parking garage at 165th Street after it escaped earlier in the day. 

DNAinfo reports that the bovine was set to be slaughtered Friday at Archer Halal Live Poultry, but had other plans, slipping out of the facility and going on the run. 

Several observers on social media, including the NYPD, chronicled the chase. [[366124801, C]]

"Just in case you're wondering: there is cow on the loose in Jamaica, Queens," tweeted J. Peter Donald, an NYPD spokesman.

The wayward steer was returned to the slaughterhouse after it was lassoed by police, DNAinfo reports.

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