New York Corrections Officer Busted Trying to Hire Hit Man to Maim, Paralyze Ex-Wife: Police

He suggested ways to do the hit might include “taking a hammer to the spine"

A federal prison officer working at a New York jail tried to hire a hit man to "maim and paralyze" his ex-wife, police say.

George Gonzalez was busted when he called an undercover cop posing as a hit man to arrange for his ex and her new partner to be bashed so badly they would never fully recover, the NYPD says.

Law enforcement officials said Gonzalez worked as a federal corrections officer at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.

On Dec. 20 last year he put in the call to the "hit man" asking how much he would charge to “beat, maim and paralyze” the couple, an arrest warrant request filed in the Eastern District of New York Thursday claims.

Three days later, he met with another undercover cop near his work in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, with pictures of the ex-wife and her new partner to get the "hit man" prepared.

The unwitting corrections officer gave the undercover officer his ex’s address in Florida, told them “it should look like a robbery” and to take any valuables as partial payment.

Gonzalez told the cop he didn’t want them killed, rather just beaten so badly they would “suffer for the rest of their lives”, police say. 

Police say they have a recording of him suggesting there were “ways to do it” such as “taking a hammer to the spine”.

The federal corrections officer said he’d ideally like the job done in February, after a court case with his ex, and that he had other “jobs” for the undercover hit man.

He also allegedly offered the address of a relative of his ex-wife who the undercover officer could rob as partial payment for the first “job”.

Gonzalez said he'd do it himself, but he'd already been to their house and had police called on him.

He was arraigned on Friday in Brooklyn Federal Court and held without bail.

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