Cops: Man Found on Isiah's Floor Wasn't Breathing

Man found on kitchen floor after apparent overdose wasn’t breathing, police say

A newly released police report indicates that the man found on Isiah Thomas' kitchen floor after his apparent overdose on sleeping pills had stopped breathing.

The name of the patient is whited out on the Town of Harrison report, which was released Thursday night under a Freedom of Information Law request from The Associated Press.

The report provides few new details about the episode, but the fact that the caller believed the overdose victim was not breathing offers a hint of how frantic the situation inside the home was.

In the report, a police officer says he went to Thomas' home in the Purchase section of Harrison around midnight Oct. 23 in response to a report of "(blank) not breathing." It does not say who made that report.
"Upon my arrival I assisted (another officer) who was administering O2 to (blank) lying on the kitchen floor."

The report goes on to say the patient was taken to White Plains Hospital and says someone gave "a witness deposition," about the episode, but the report has no further detail.

Except for the assertion that the victim had stopped breathing, the sequence matches an account issued Tuesday by Harrison police Chief David Hall.

Authorities have not publicly identified Thomas as the victim, but a person familiar with the case, speaking on condition of anonymity because the police report had not been released, has confirmed it was the former NBA star and Knicks coach. A call to the person seeking comment after police report was released was not immediately returned.
The town of Harrison cited "unwanted invasion of personal privacy" as the reason for redacting the names from the police report.

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