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Cops Make Plea After Crowd Watches ‘Superhero' Dad of 3 Get Beaten to Death

The 35-year-old man's three kids -- a girl and two boys -- are left without a father after the deadly beating

What to Know

  • A father of three who was beaten unconscious outside his Bronx apartment building late last month died earlier this week
  • Police sources say a large crowd gathered to watch as two men attacked him just steps from his home
  • Police are pleading with someone from the crowd to come forward with information about the man's attackers

Police are pleading for someone to come forward after a large crowd watched a single father get beaten to death on a sidewalk outside his New York City home.

Phil Roseburgh, a 35-year-old father of three, died Wednesday after being stomped and punched by two men outside his apartment building late last month, police sources say.

A memorial to Roseburgh continued to grow at his Garden Street building in East Tremont on Friday, as neighbors and police implored those who watched the attack to help bring the attackers to justice.

Curtis Harrigan said late friend Roseburgh was an inspiration to him, a “superhero” whose life revolved around his three young kids, a girl and two boys.

“Single father. That’s the definition,” Harrigan said. “That’s the definition. I called him Superman. Superman, super father. Because it takes a lot to raise three kids by yourself.”

Harrigan and others who knew Roseburgh have been left reeling and trying to make sense of why such an admirable man could be taken in such a horrific way.

“It hurts, and it caused me to reflect on my life and my decisions and where I want to go,” Harrigan said.

Police sources say two men got into a disagreement with Roseburgh outside his home before punching him in the face on the evening of Feb. 20. Roseburgh fell and hit his head. As he lay unconscious, his attackers kicked and stomped on him – all while a large crowd gathered to watch, the sources say. 

Alicia Quinones didn’t witness the attack, but she says someone should have stepped in to help a man she called “a wonderful dad.”

“It’s terrible, terrible. Because he was a good guy,” Quinones said. “He deserved for somebody to jump in and defend him. He deserved that.”

Police are continuing to investigate the beating and are tracking down several leads. They’re offering a reward for information leading to an arrest.

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