Hofstra Rape Suspects Stole Vic's Phone as a Trap: Cops

Only one of those arrested attends Hofstra

It's nightmare scenario for any young woman: A seemingly friendly stranger, met at a party and danced with, teasingly grabs her cell phone and walks off into a dangerous situation.

Now Nassau County cops have arrested four men in connection with the brutal rape of an 18-year-old Hofstra University student -- a crime that allegedly began when one of the alleged attackers stole the young woman's cell phone at a campus party.

Police said the young woman was dancing with the man at a campus party around 3 a.m. Sunday when he snatched her mobile and walked out of the building. The young woman followed him to get it back, police said.

The man walked into a dorm on campus and then into a boys bathroom, where he was met by a second male, police said.  They grabbed the victim, tied her up, and along with two other males, raped the girl, cops said.

One of alleged rapists is a Hofstra student, law enforcement sources said. The other three were his guests. Police have arrested four of the alleged rapists and are searching for the fifth.

Cops said 19-year-old Jesus Ortiz and 21-year-old Rondell Bedward, both of the Bronx were arraigned on rape charges Monday. The other two, 19-year-old Stalin Felipe, of the Bronx, and 20-year-old Kevin Taveras, of Brentwood, are to be arraigned Tuesday in Hempstead.

In March, several Hofstra University students were arrested on drug and weapons charges after a showdown over cocaine in a school dorm room.

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