Cop Testifies He Heard Mineo Yell, Never Saw Abuse

A Brooklyn police officer who said he tackled and punched  Michael Mineo heard him scream that he was "violated" but never saw another cop sodomize him.
Police officer Noel Jugraj also testified that after the struggle to arrest Mineo, the alleged sodomy victim had "either blood or feces" on his hands.
Jugraj was working on October 15, 2008 with three other police officers on trial for their encounter with Mineo, 25, who claims one of them sodomized him with a police instrument.
Testifying for the prosecution, Jugraj said he heard Mineo yell "'You all violated me! You all violated me! I don't want to go to jail."
Then Jugraj said his partner, police officer Alex Cruz, answered Mineo by saying "Yeah, you liked it, you liked it."

Under cross examination, Jugraj said he didn't understand what Mineo meant by "violated," and didn't call an ambulance or a supervisor to the scene in response.
"There was no need," Jugraj said.
He told defense attorney Stuart London that "violated" could mean being sent back to jail for getting into trouble while on parole or probation -- which was Mineo's situation.
Jugraj also said he was among the officers being sued in Mineo's $440 million civil suit. 
Cruz and officer Andrew Morales are accused of covering up the incident while officer Richard Kerns faces the more serious charge of aggravated sexual abuse and assault. Prosecutors allege a retractable police baton was used to sodomize Mineo.
However Jugraj said he didn't see any of his fellow officers, now defendants, sodomize Mineo.
"Did you at any time see any other police officer jamming, jamming something into his rear end?" asked Kerns' defense attorney, John Patten.
"No," said Jugraj. "No I never saw anybody jamming him."
Jugraj appeared to help the prosecution's coverup theory when he said Mineo should have been arrested that October afternoon rather than let go with just a summons.  A tattoo parlor receptionist and admitted Crips gang member, Mineo had been smoking a marijuana cigar and ran away from officers who had stopped him.
Despite struggling, the slender Mineo was no match for the six-foot-three, 230 pound Jugraj who with the other cops chased after Mineo and stopped him inside the Prospect Park subway station.
He admitted being exasperated with the other officers who opted not to arrest Mineo even though he resisted arrest and ran from them.
"You should have collared him, you should have put him through the system," Jugraj said he told the other officers.
Mineo had testified that the officers let him go with just a summons, warning him not to report them or go to a hospital.
Jugraj said that after being handcuffed and placed into a police car, Mineo tried to signal him.
"'Look, look officer,'" Jugraj quoted Mineo.
"He had a dark substance on his hands," Jugraj said. "I thought it was either blood or feces."

Jugraj said the NYPD's internal affairs bureau had questioned him and other narcotics officers over an unrelated case --alleged misuse of vouchered cars. He said he was a witness not a subject of that ongoing investigation.

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