Cooper Union's Original Seats For Sale

Hall has hosted at least 6 presidents-to-be from Lincoln to Obama

Before they were elected, presidents Lincoln, Grant, Cleveland, Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, and Obama all set foot on the stage of the Cooper Union’s Great Hall.

And if you like owning a piece of history, the recent renovation at Cooper Union makes that possible.

The original auditorium seats from Cooper Union were salvaged by the Chelsea branch of Olde Good Things, according to a posting on the company's blog.

They will be sold in pairs or larger quantities, but a price hasn't been set yet, NewYorkology reports.

The auditorium, which opened in 1858 played host to a number of historic events, including a February 27, 1860 speech by Abraham Lincoln that is often considered as the turning point that made him a viable candidate for a run at the presidency.

President-elect Obama's March 27, 2008 Cooper Union speech is available on YouTube.

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