Convicted Suffolk Police Chief James Burke Seeks Jail Close to Mom

Burke received a 46-month sentence

A former suburban New York police chief who orchestrated a cover-up after beating a suspect who stole embarrassing items from his police-issued SUV wants to serve his sentence in a prison near his ill mother.

Newsday reports the request was filed Friday in federal court in Central Islip.

Former Suffolk Police Chief James Burke's attorney requested that Burke be assigned to Otisville, about 120 miles from his mother's home.

Burke's mother is battling cancer and unable to travel long distances. Burke received a 46-month sentence.

He admitted beating and threatening the suspect who stole sex toys and other items during a 2012 break-in. He also confessed to pressuring others to lie about the incident.

Newsday says it couldn't immediately reach the Bureau of Prisons for comment.

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