Connecticut Store Asks Customers to Take Off Masks Before Entering — for Safety

The policy was recently introduced after the gas station store had been hit by armed robbers three times in the past few months

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A gas station in Stamford is now asking customers to briefly take off their masks before entering their store, but it's not for any political reasons — it's for the store's safety.

The Mobil station on West Main Street recently introduced the new policy after police said they have been hit by armed robbers three times in the past few months. After being held at gunpoint by the masked criminals, the store manager said enough is enough.

"People take advantage of certain situations and unfortunately there are people on the other side of it," the manager, who wished to be identified only as Issa.

The new rule, Issa said, was implemented to make sure they know who is coming into the store at night. A sign now asks customers to quickly remove their masks "to show the video cameras," according to Issa.

Right before customers enter, they are asked to lower the mask enough so the camera can see and capture their whole face. They can then put the mask right back on and go in — with Issa stressing that masks are still required to shop inside.

In the latest robbery, the masked gunman grabbed the register while an accomplice kept watch. Issa said the store had to do something.

"It's frustrating for everybody. Me, the employees, the owners of the company, people in this area. It's frustrating for everybody," the manager said.

Anyone who may recognize the suspects seen robbing the store, or who may have information regarding the incident, is asked to contact Stamford police.

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