Conn. Thief Shoves Ham, Provolone Cheese Down His Pants: Cops

We can only assume he already had the kaiser rolls at home

Instead of putting his groceries in the cart, Christopher Cannizzaro, 51, shoved Virginia ham and provolone cheese down his pants, police tell the Greenwich Time

Employees at the Stop & Shop on W. Putnam Avenue in Connecticut spotted him late Friday night, the Time reports. 

It's unclear whether said deli selections were sliced or whole.  We can only assume he had the Kaiser rolls, lettuce, tomato and mayo at home already. 

Officers approached the alleged sandwich stealer outside the store, but Cannizzaro took off. 

He was quickly caught by police, perhaps because the ham and cheese went straight to his thighs. 

Cannizzaro faces sixth-degree larceny and interfering with police charges.  He was unable to post a $250 bond and spent the weekend enjoying the bread and water in jail. 

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