Congressman's Wife Reports Nearly $15K in Jewelry, Valuables Stolen From Harlem Home: Sources

Among the items reported stolen were a $9,000 diamond ring, a $5,000 pearl necklace, a gold ring and a large jar with hundreds of dollars worth of coins, according to investigators familiar with the case

Police were called to a family apartment of veteran Harlem Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) Wednesday after his wife reported a diamond ring, other jewelry and cash were stolen.

Sources familiar with the case tell NBC 4 New York that Rangel’s wife, Alma, 85, last saw the jewelry a few days ago and told police she first discovered them missing Wednesday morning.

Among the items reported stolen: a $9,000 diamond ring, a $5,000 pearl necklace, a $500 gold ring and a large jar with about $300 to $400 worth of coins, officials familiar with the case said.

An NYPD spokesman confirms that a police report for a burglary has been filed. But Hannah Kim, a spokeswoman for Rangel, issued a short one-line statement: “There is no evidence of a burglary at the Rangel residence.”

She did not explain why police have a complaint on file given her denial.

Investigators tell NBC 4 New York they are looking to see whether workmen in the the West 135th Street apartment might have keys to the apartment. Sources said there was no sign of forcible entry.

Rangel, also 85, is serving his 23rd term in Congress. He and Alma have been married since 1964.

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