Penn Station

Crowd Panics on Coney Island Amid Unfounded Reports of Shots Fired

Panic broke out among the crowd on Coney Island on Sunday amid unfounded reports of shots fired.

There was no evidence that any gun was fired, police said.

Video shows people running near the subway station at Stillwell Avenue. Other video shows many police vehicles with lights flashing. 

Police said there was a large crowd but no one came forward with any gunshot wounds and no one was hospitalized with any gunshot wounds, however, one was person suffered a minor injury amid the chaos.  

Police also searched the area for shell casings, but came up empty handed. 

“This evening there were false reports of gun shots in Coney Island near Luna Park," Luna Park said in a statement. "This caused panic and confusion in the surrounding area. The entire Coney Island community regrets that this incident occurred.”

The panic ensued on a warm Easter Sunday when many people were enjoying the summer-like weather on the beach and boardwalk. 

Just days earlier, there was a chaotic scene in Penn Station when some people thought a gun was fired. It turned out that police had used a Taser on a man in the station. 

On Friday, tourists, commuters and New Yorkers alike hid behind garbage cans, diving behind pillars and leaving belongings as they scrambled to escape the calamity.

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