Coney Island Bathroom Workers Ration Toilet Paper

Better take some toilet paper of your own when you visit Coney Island -- bathroom visitors are being allotted mere squares of the single-ply stuff by the workers there.

The New York Post reports toilet paper has become so scarce in the Coney Island bathrooms that Park Department employees are now rationing it out to beachgoers, forcing visitors to line up and retrieve some from the workers before they head into the toilet stalls.

One Brooklyn woman told the Post, "Never in my life have I experienced anything like this. I walked toward a stall, and a bathroom attendant stopped me by shouting, 'Hey, mami! There's no toilet paper here,' and she whipped out a big roll for me to grab some."

The woman, 25-year-old Regina Ballone, told the newspaper she was "grossed out" at the thought of someone else handing her toilet paper.

The Post said the Parks Department would not tell the newspaper how much it budgeted for toilet paper and other supplies, but in a statement to NBC New York, Brooklyn Parks Commissioner Kevin Jeffrey said, "It is not our policy to have Parks employees distribute supplies at our bathrooms. All bathrooms are regularly cleaned and stocked, as they have always been. There are plenty of supplies.

"We will address the issue with the staff on site to determine why they did what they did," the statement continued.

Employees at the Coney Island bathrooms privately told the Post the department isn't stocking enough toilet paper to meet the demand, which is why they are forced to ration what they have.

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