Condo Shame Descends on Brooklyn Yuppies

Also in Brooklyn: Aliens?

Condo Shame (noun): "a toxic combination of desire and repulsion toward reasonably priced postwar creature comforts," and a blanketing mental guilt disease encroaching on the yuppies-in-denial in Williamsburg. [Observer]

John Stewart and his trusty comrades from The Daily Show defeated NBC's Brian Williams and crew in an "epic softball battle." The score? 22 to 2. Ouch, real news. [Fishbowl NY]

Aliens, alligators, or the pod people may be communicating with Brooklyn Heights residents via a series of colorful dots on sewer gates. Any theories involving the word "paint" will be promptly ignored. [Brooklyn Heights Blog]

Check out the population differences between day New York and night New York. [BuzzFeed]

The Knitting Factory announced the opening show for their new home in Williamsburg, which will be Brooklyn's own Les Savy Fav, on September 9th. [Flavorwire]

The New York City Ballet announced their 2009-2010 season today, which will focus on a yearlong "retrospective of its repertory." In other words, they'll be taking viewers through their history. [ArtsBeat]

We all knew it, but today science proved that couples who live together, grow together. In body weight. Think about this next time your girlfriend asks about the space in your three story walk-up. [The Daily Beast]

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