In Photos: Commuter Chaos After Derailment, Flooding

Flooding, along with train service changes caused a hellish commute for tri-state travelers on Tuesday. Another nightmarish commute was expected for the evening rush.

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Twitter user Kelly Moore said the morning commute was a "nightmare" after being stuck among this crush of bodies caused by PATH delays in Hoboken. Credit: @kellymo222
Delays and train cancellations in combination with flooding caused massive delays for hundreds of thousands of commuters.
The Hoboken PATH station was packed with confused crowds trying to figure out service changes on closed platforms, with no announcements or updates, according to one commuter.
Throngs of commuters desperate for alternatives faced challenges finding them, with the PATH experiencing a brief suspension on the Hoboken-33rd Street line, delays on other lines and the crush of people causing crowding-related problems throughout the New York City subway system.
Twitter user Rob Pepitone said, due to overcrowding, the LIRR wasn't letting anyone else on the train. Credit: Twitter / @underyour_radar
The line for the ferry was equally long, as desperate commuters searched for alternative routes into the city.
Commuter Carlos Garcia said all opening to PATH in Hoboken were blocked by confused crowds. Credit: Carlos Garcia.
Garcia reported there being no announcements made other than "some delays," while men entered the station with generators and welders. Credit: Carlos Garcia.
Travelers said they were frustrated with the lack of communication from New Jersey Transit, which they said were not advising passengers about the 'disaster' at Hoboken. Credit: Carlos Garcia.
Garcia said bus lines across all of Hoboken were hundreds-long as people scrambled for alternative means of getting into New York City. Credit: Carlos Garcia.
Crowds heading into Hoboken Terminal. Credit: Carlos Garcia.
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