Collies to Police Geese in Prospect Park

It takes dogged determination to chase geese out of Prospect Park, and that’s why park officials have hired three border collies to get the job done.

Collies Cleo, Spanky and Samantha will torment, harass and otherwise chase hundreds of geese out of the park in an effort to save their lives.

Last year, federal authorities killed nearly 370 Prospect Park geese in order to keep them from flying into the engines of planes.

The dogs will be out working on an almost daily basis until June.

Their hours will vary “depending on weather and the amount of geese,” said Eugene Patron, a spokesman for the Prospect Park Alliance.

The collies come trained by a company called Goose Busters, which was formed 15 years ago by Phil Graziano after he became frustrated by the geese population around his son’s sports field in New Jersey.

Graziano and Prospect Park hope the border collies – an extremely intelligent breed – will push and startle the geese congregating around the lake in Prospect Park, eventually annoying the birds enough that they’ll move out of the park.

Ideally, that would be to some natural habitat, like a wetlands or woodland pond, reports.

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