Area Colleges Post Staffers Numbers to Keep Students From Wearing Offensive Halloween Costumes

At least two area colleges are asking students to call school officials if they're worried their Halloween costume might offensive. 

SUNY-Geneseo in Western New York and Wesleyan College in Middletown, Connecticut, have both posted placards with phone numbers for several school officials who can tell them if their costume or party theme would be offensive to others.

“This Halloween show your true face,” one poster at Geneseo states. “Being a member of Geneseo comes with responsibilities, so think about your actions and costume for Halloween.”

Geneseo also published a flowchart for students planning to throw theme parties.

A sign at Wesleyan, which lists numbers of six school officials, gives a checklist for students when planning to create a costume that won’t be offensive, according to Inside Higher Ed.

Several other colleges around the nation have also posted bulletins and web pages informing students of appropriate Halloween costumes.

The move comes after several recent incidents where college student dressed in distasteful getups found themselves in the news.

Earlier this year, there was mass outcry from UCLA students when a fraternity threw a “Kanye Western” party where several white students wore dark makeup on their face reminiscent of the blackface worn by white actors portraying African Americans during the Jim Crow era.

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