Woman Busted at JFK With 54 Pounds of Cocaine

Smuggler tipped off agents with pot-filled bra

Talk about a half-baked plot.

Customs and Border Protection officers arrested a Guyanese woman earlier this month at John F. Kennedy Airport after they found 54 pounds of cocaine stuffed into her pink suitcase. But it wasn't the white powder that tipped them off; it was the suspect's bosom

Authorities discovered a bag of pot in Dorothy Sears' bra during a routine customs search. They isolated her for a pat-down after she couldn't get her story straight about why she was traveling to Brooklyn on Jan. 12, an agency spokesman told the Daily News.

Once they found the pot in her underclothes, agents sent a K-9 unit to sniff out a checked bag they say she'd been trying to ditch and found the dope, worth upwards of $1.7 million. She had the cocaine stashed in dozens of hefty, bricklike packages.

JFK's narcotics busters have been on a roll this month. Sears' arrest was customs agents' second big one in two days.

On Jan. 10, they found more than 26 pounds of cocaine in the luggage of Jarius Rayon, a Maryland man returning to the United States after a trip to Guyana. Rayon allegedly had $800,000 worth of cocaine stuffed in bags labeled baking powder, but officers say an unusual smell tipped them off.

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