Co-op City Workers and Management Tentatively Reach Agreement

Workers win healthcare and salary adjustments

Residents of Co-op City will be happy to hear that workers and management have reached a tentative agreement.

It was nearly a month ago, on June 1st, when 500 workers began a strike that paralyzed the largest cooperative housing development in the world.

The city had to intervene and provide services such as trash collecting for over 40 tons of waste a day, a task normally handled by the army of garbage men.

The strike lasted a week before both parties agreed to bring in the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service to help mediate the negotiations.

Now, those negotiations seem to have paid off.

RiverBay Corporation and Local Service Employees International Union Local 32BJ, have agreed to a tentative four-year contract agreement that will provide workers with salary adjustments in each of those four years as well as health care coverage for their families.

The contract is still not official until the workers and the RiverBay boards ratify it. Details of the deal cannot officially be discussed until both sides ratify the issue.

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