City Expands Public Recycling Program

New York City makes it easier for the public to recycle

New York City is expanding a public recycling program to 33 new locations throughout the five boroughs.

The program places colorful blue and green recycling bins in public areas so that residents can deposit recyclable litter, instead of tossing it in trash baskets.

Metal, glass and plastic containers go in blue bins; newspapers and other paper litter go in green bins. The bins are at parks, ferry terminals, intersections and other highly trafficked public spaces.

Department of Sanitation Commissioner John J. Doherty says his agency collected 1.7 million tons of recyclables in 2007.

There are now 231 recycling bins in 43 locations throughout the city, said Kathy Dawkins, spokeswoman for the department. The program was launched as part of the city's 20-year plan for managing solid waste.

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