City Exec Fights For Life After Botched Subway Rescue

Man had leg amputated, report says

A city official is still fighting for his life 10 days after he was accidentally run over by a subway -- and investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong.

Ronald Melichar already has had one of his legs amputated, and remains in critical condition at St. Luke's Hospital, The Daily News reported.

Melichar, a top official at the Department of Small Business Services, fell onto the subway track on Jan. 4, and even though witnesses urged the booth clerk to turn off the power, a train still hit the man a short time later, the Daily News reported.

NYC Transit officials are trying to determine whether delays in shutting down the rails caused the tragedy.

The Daily News reported that Melichar's sister has flown in from Colorado, and is hopeful for details from the investigation.

The incident took place at the No. 1 train stop near the intesection of Broadway and 137th Street, the Daily News reported.

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