NJ Volunteer Group Loses Cars After Member Is Charged With Promoting Obscene Material: Report

One New Jersey town has taken away cars from a volunteer watchdog group and is requiring its ranks to go through background checks after one member was accused of showing obscene materials to a 15-year-old last year, according to reports.

Little Egg Harbor Township Police Chief Richard Buzby moved to impound two cars belonging to the town’s Citizens On Patrol group almost a year after one of its members, Thomas LaDany, was charged with promoting obscene material to a minor, The SandPaper reports.

LaDany, 76, was arrested in May 2014 after he allegedly showed the teen explicit material. His computer was confiscated after the arrest and investigators found pornography on the computer. No child pornography was found. A trial date for the man hasn't been set.

LaDany allegedly continued to work with the Citizens On Patrol and used one of the group’s cars until late last month. Buzby decided to impound the cars after learning that LaDany was still patrolling with the group.

“To allow this disgusting person to wear a uniform that looks something like a police uniform and to drive a car that looks something like a police car in my town without taking proper precautions would be crazy,” Buzby told The SandPaper.

Ocean County Prosecutor's Office spokesman Al Della Fave said, however, the incident did not take place while LaDany was carrying out the volunteer duties.

On Tuesday, town officials told NBC 4 New York that the group would get its cars back as soon as every member completes a background check.

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