Pedicab Driver Leaps Into Action to Stop Hit-Run Driver From Fleeing

A man is under arrest for allegedly trying to speed off after hitting another driver and witnesses say he could have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for some quick-thinking bystanders.

Police and witnesses say the driver of a sedan, which appears to have TLC plates, and a man driving a van had a fender-bender near the corner of 55th Street and Fifth Avenue. The witnesses say the van driver tried to get the other driver to stop by putting his hands in the window, but police say the sedan driver sped off, hitting the other driver in the process.

However, that driver didn’t get far. Pedicab driver Cagdas Ozturk and other witnesses flagged him down a block away. Exclusive video shows those witnesses yelling at the man, who is also heard apologizing.

“Maybe 10 people they were running this way yelling ‘stop the car, stop the car,’” Ozturk said. “This is hit-and-run you’re going to jail.”

Another video shows the citizen arrest going to the next stop, which is in police handcuffs.

The victim is in serious condition at an area hospital. The Taxi & Limousine Commission is looking into the driver’s situation.

Police say charges are pending.

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