Christopher Walken Heads Sprout in Queens Park

Christopher Walken has a new role: art exhibition and curiosity in Queens. Statues of the actor's head dot the grounds of Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City. Artist Bryan Zanisnik sculpted the pieces to showcase a narrative around Astoria-born Walken. Artist Eric Winkler, collaborated with Zanisnik to create a narrative comic about the Zanisnik's adventures in the park and discovery of Walken's history in Astoria. Visitors have until March 13, 2017, to see the outdoor museum.

4 photos
Bianca Rosembert
Up close and personal with one of the Christopher Walken heads. (Credit: Bianca Rosembert)
Bianca Rosembert
About nine heads of Walken are part of the exhibit. (Credit: Bianca Rosembert)
Bianca Rosembert
Eric Winkler narrates Zanisnik's inspiration for the piece in this comic strip. (Credit: Bianca Rosembert)
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