Christie Supports “Adversarial” Collective Bargaining

Chris Christie said Sunday that he believes in "fair, adversarial" collective bargaining for New Jersey, but that he's confident Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is doing what's best for his state.

Speaking on CBS's "Face the Nation," — and being pushed like so many other Republicans to take a stance on Walker's controversial plans to end collective bargaining for public workers — Christie insisted its inappropriate for him to "micromanage" Wisconsin from hundreds of miles away. But he recalled his predecessor, Jon Corzine, pledging to public workers that he'd fight to get them a good contract.

"And I thought to myself watching that, 'well who's he fighting with?' Once he says that the fight's over," Christie said. "What I believe in is true, adversarial collective bargaining.

"All these rights are legislatively created," Christie said of collective bargaining. "They didn't come down from tablets at the top of a mountain."

Christie also reiterated his contention that potential presidential candidates like Sarah Palin need to be less stage-managed.

"I think if she wants to prove she's ready for this," he said, "you've got to have some unscripted moments."

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