Christie Helps Mother Get Son Replacement Driver's Permit

A frustrated New Jersey mother got some muscle in her quest to replace her son's damaged driver's permit.

Gov. Chris Christie accompanied the woman to the Motor Vehicle Commission office in South Plainfield Thursday and went straight to the front of the line.

Minutes later, her son had a brand new permit.

"The great thing about being governor is that you don't have to sit there and be frustrated on TV or radio," Christie said. "You can actually show up some place and get a lot of attention."

The woman called radio station New Jersey 101.5's "Ask the Governor" program on Wednesday and told Christie she has no luck replacing the permit that got damaged in the wash when her son left it in his jeans.

She told the governor she went to five MVC locations and couldn't get a replacement.

Christie initially joked he should have the MVC commissioner deliver the permit. But then the governor decided to go.

The governor told the woman before the visit "we may actually get some action here.''

Christie said there would be no changes at the MVC, but he hopes he wouldn't have to go back soon. 

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