9-Year-Old Boy Hit by Car After Accident With Box Truck in Brooklyn: Officials

A 9-year-old boy was left in a critical condition on Friday after being hit by a car at an intersection where five other accidents have happened this year. 

The boy was walking with his mother when he was hit by a car that had rebounded off a box truck at the corner of Avenue P and Ryder Street in Brooklyn, authorities say.

Now those who live near the intersection are demanding something is done about it. Friday's crash was the sixth accident at the intersection this year, up from three last year and two in 2014.

The scene on Friday was described as "chaotic" by witness Nichelle Greaves.

"I saw the car there, the truck over there, the mother holding her son, rocking him. It was kind of traumatic but everyone was assisting."

Police say a 54-year-old woman driving a Nissan southbound on Ryder Street collided with the truck, then veered and struck the boy on a curb near Avenue P in Marine Park around 8:30 a.m.

The boy was taken to a hospital in critical condition; he is expected to survive. Authorities initially said the mother was hit too but that later appeared not to be the case.

Police highway investigators were gathering evidence at the scene through the afternoon. 

The driver of the car was taken to a hospital with neck and back pain. The 37-year-old driver of the box truck wasn't hurt. The investigation into the accident is ongoing. No charges have been filed. 

Greaves described the intersection as dangerous for pedestrians.

"This is like a pickup area for the kids ... people going to work," she said. "They need to put a stop sign there. Point blank period."

Another resident, Mark Rosenberg, said something had to change before anyone else was hurt.

"I walk up and down here..my kids bus... something has to be done to slow down traffic."

A person who went to the trunk of the sedan to collect some items said "no comment" when NBC 4 New York asked him about the accident.

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