Cheetos-Flavored Soft Serve on the Menu at Big Gay Ice Cream This Summer

The success of this cone could lead to a Flaming Hot Cheetos-inspired soft serve

What to Know

  • Big Gay Ice Cream created Cheetos-flavored soft serve ice cream and dipped it in crushed Cheetos, called Cheat-Oh's.
  • The specialty flavor will be offered throughout the summer in two week intervals.
  • Co-founder Doug Quint says he did not intend to make a crazy flavor but loved the way it tasted, which surprised him.

Big Gay Ice Cream is putting a twist on summer soft serves with their new specialty flavor, Cheat-Oh's -- a Cheetos-flavored cone.

The cone features a soft swerve swirl of vanilla-with-a-hint-of-cheese flavored ice cream, which is then rolled in Cheetos dust.

Co-founder Douglas Quint says that finding the balance for cheese ice cream was harder than he thought it would be.

"It was a bit of a trick because if it wasn't sweet enough it tasted like cold mac and cheese so it was a bit of a procedure to get the sweetness right," he said.

Quint was surprised how much he enjoyed the Cheetos ice cream and did not try to come up with a crazy flavor but just revamp the classics: chocolate and vanilla.

"When a flavor like this comes along that's a little bit crazy, it's really just because we love it," Quint said.

This specialty cone will be brought back in two week intervals throughout the summer. Quint says that when people try this flavor, they're shocked by how much they like it too.

"The reaction to Cheat-Oh's is pretty universal, which is the first bite was terrifying — it's just like my experience — the first bite was terrifying, and then I don't know why but I ate the whole cone."

Big Gay Ice Cream has the reputation of pushing the limits and coming up with crazy ideas for ice cream. Quint has new ideas in the making for future specialty cones, one of which could be based off of Flaming Hot Cheetos.

"Things still keep happening that amaze me. I hope that that comes across in the store," he said. "We feel like there's still something amazing going on."

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