Cheap Dates and Furniture Go Hand in Hand

An easy date for a potential mate in the land of cheap plates

Now that everyone's making $500,000 or less, it's really no time to splurge on expensive meals and high-end furniture. If you're looking for replacement options, we've found just the perfect solution for Brooklynites to combine cheap bookshelves with a classy Valentine's dinner - at Ikea!

Gowanus Lounge got word that for two-and-a-half hours this Saturday evening, visitors to the Red Hook Ikea can "grab a cafeteria tray for two and hop in line for a lil Love Salmon Wellington, Divine rice pilaf and some Sweetie-Baby carrots with Cha-Cha-chive sauce," all for just $19.90!

"Where else in New York," IKEA's website asks, "can you enjoy views of the Manhattan skyline, Statue of Liberty and a meal for two, all for $19.90?" Great question, my fine Swedish friends. My guess is Chinese take-out up on the roof. The only problem is, I can't bring home a Jaren, Sultan Heberg or Sultan Fjordgard for my date and I to snuggle on.  Ikea, you win again.

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