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Man Releases Monster Rat in New Jersey McDonald's, Sparking Total Chaos

Screams could be heard as patrons ran toward the exit and out the door, according to cellphone video of the fray

What to Know

  • A man released a large, white rat into a McDonald's in Newark on Feb. 5, the eatery's owner and operator confirmed
  • Cell phone video shows patrons scrambling to exit the eatery as the rat scurries around on the floor
  • The restaurant was "thoroughly cleaned and sanitized" after the incident. Police are searching for the man who released the rat

A man released a large, white rat into a McDonald’s in New Jersey last week, sending patrons scrambling for the exit in an incident that was caught on video.

Cellphone video that appears to have been shot by an accomplice shows a man walk into the McDonald’s holding a plastic pet carrier with the rodent inside.

The man opens the carrier, tips the rat onto the floor and runs away as havoc ensues, the video shows.

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Screams can be heard as patrons run toward the exit and out the door. The rodent in question appears to scurry under a table. 

In a statement, the eatery’s owner and operator Celest Quintana confirmed that the rat was released in the restaurant at 772 Broad Street in Newark on Feb. 5, adding that “the safety of our customers and the cleanliness of our restaurants are our top priority.

“Following this incident, our restaurant staff thoroughly cleaned and sanitized the dining area and contacted the police,” Quintana said. “We are currently working with local law enforcement to identify the person responsible for this deliberate act."

Newark police didn’t immediately respond to request for comment on the incident.

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