Central Perk Opens in Honor of “Friends” 20th Anniversary

Nearly 20 years after the premiere of the classic sitcom "Friends," fans of the show will be able to grab a cup of coffee at Central Perk and plop on the orange couch where Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe spent most of their time.

A pop-up recreation of the coffee shop opened in SoHo Wednesday in honor of the 20th anniversary of the sitcom, which aired the first of its 240 episodes on NBC Sept. 22, 1994. The shop, at Lafayette and Broome streets, will be open daily until Oct. 18.

On Central Perk's opening day, the line stretched down Broome St. and around the corner as fans eagerly waited to enter the famed cafe.

They were greeted by numerous images from the 10 seasons plastered on the walls and a plethora of memorabilia. Character costumes were on display, as well as Joey and Chandler's ceramic dog, Ross' "Science Boy" comic book, and Rachel's sonogram, the one where she couldn't see her baby. Fans can also see a replica of the iconic gold frame that hung over the peephole in Monica's apartment.

Announced last month by Warner Bros. and Eight O'Clock Coffee, the pop-up also comes complete with the actual orange couch used in the show's 10-year run. Fans are allowed to sit on the couch and have their picture taken by the cafe, which they can than access online for free.

Fans can also get free cups of coffee from the actor who portrayed the bright-haired barista Gunther on the show and will be treated to games and periodic performances of Phoebe's famous song "Smelly Cat."

There will also be several giveaways over the course of the month, Warner Bros. said, and an area is set up so fans can buy "Friends"-themed merchandise.

-Chelsea Narvaez contributed to this article

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