Celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio's Long Island Home Vandalized, Defaced

What to Know

  • Celebrity chef Tom Colicchio and his wife woke up to find their front lawn in Mattituck vandalized
  • It appears that a sign supporting a Democratic candidate for Congress is what set off the graffiti
  • The messages showed a cross, a Jewish star, and the words "Trump," "Go home" and "Cuomo = Death to America"

Celebrity chef Tom Colicchio says his Mattituck home on Long Island was targeted by vandals because of a political sign in his front yard. 

Colicchio and his wife Lori Silverbus both posted photos to Twitter Wednesday morning, saying they woke up to a bizarre combination of graffiti messages on their front lawn Tuesday, including a cross, a Jewish star and Silverbus' name, along with the words "Trump," "Go home" and "Cuomo = Death to America." 

The yard sign that appeared to have set off the messages was in support of Democratic congressional candidate Perry Gershon, who is running against longtime Republican congressman Lee Zeldin. 

Faint images remained on the ground late Wednesday afternoon as police investigate who did that and why. 

Southold Police Chief Martin is working with Suffolk police in the investigation but says it doesn't fit the classification of a hate crime; instead, it appears to be the work of someone who took political differences way too far. 

Zeldin said the vandal is a "coward who needs to be identified and prosecuted." He said on Facebook, "Settle your scores at the ballot box in our great country! There is no place whatsoever for actions like this in our political discourse." 

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