Caught On Tape: Man Flees After Being Shot

Victim dies from gunshot wound

Investigators hope surveillance video will give them some clues as they try to figure out who's to blame for an altercation that left a man dead in Queens.

The video shows the man after he was shot, running in one direction down the street as his brother-in-law, seen in subsequent frames, is seen hustling in the other direction.

Beni Jagdesh, 33, was shot in the chest during a confrontation in front of his Ozone Park home Thursday. The fight started when Jagdesh, driving his car, pulled into his driveway as 18-year-old Wade Cameron was walking past, according to Jagdesh's brother-in-law, Sham Jaganan.

Police said at some point, Jagdesh assaulted Cameron with a broomstick, a moment not captured by the surveillance video.

But moments later, Jagdesh was shot in the chest.

"He said to me, 'Sham, run, Sham, he's got a gun, he shot me,'" Jaganan said.

Cameron was arraigned in court Friday, while Jagdesh's family -- including a wife and three young daughters -- is now planning a funeral.

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