Police Searching for Owner of Clothing Donations After Salvation Army Worker Finds Cash in Pocket

Police in a New York community are searching for the woman who dropped off clothing donations at a Salvation Army last week after an employee found a "substantial amount of cash" inside the pocket of one of the clothing items. 

Middletown police said a woman dropped off the clothing at the Salvation Army on Wickham Avenue the morning of Wednesday, Dec. 16. A worker later found the money. 

The cash was turned over to police for safekeeping, and both police and the Salvation Army are trying to identify the woman so that the money can be returned. 

The woman who dropped off the items should have a receipt that would identify her as the rightful owner, police said. 

In response to media interest in the story, Middletown Police Lt. Gregory W. Metakes said authorities are not giving out further information until the owner comes forward. 

"For obvious reasons, I will not disclose how much money was in the pocket, but I will say it was substantial," he said in an email. "All other information in regards to the transaction will also not be disclosed as it would jeopardize locating the true owner and can be used by someone attempting to unrightfully claim the money." 

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