Caroline Kennedy to ‘Saturday Night Live'?

Is Caroline Kennedy planning to rehabilitate her image via an appearance on Saturday Night Live? Or is Saturday Night Live planning to rehabilitate its post-election ratings with a Caroline Kennedy appearance? Whatever.

Our point: A trio of trusty Daily Intel spies spotted Kennedy and her husband Edwin Schlossberg having a long dinner with Lorne Michaels, his wife, and another couple at Morandi on Thursday evening. "Lorne and Caroline were intensely in conversation, to the exclusion of the rest of the table," reported our spies, who sat nearby and provided a prodigious amount of detail:

They arrived at around 8 pm. The unfamous couple arrived first, then Caroline and Edward, then Lorne. Caroline was wearing black pants, a black cashmere sweater, and carried a black Prada bag. At one point, she leaned back and twirled her hair, like she was putting it in a ponytail. Whenever she needed to read the menu, she put on glasses with a colorful ribbon attached. Edwin Schlossberg had the linguine with clams. Lorne Michaels had the pappardelle with ragu. Near the end of the meal, an affogato was passed to Caroline. They left at around 11. Lorne Michaels paid the check.

Fascinating! What will it be? A Weekend Update appearance? Or better: A pot-infused Andy Samberg musical short? She's not gunning for public office anymore, after all!

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