Carmelo Anthony Comes Home

The Red Hook Housing Project in Brooklyn is abuzz over the return to New York of their famous former neighbor, Carmelo Anthony, who is now the Knicks' new forward.

"I love it .. I love it ...everybody loves it ...everybody loves it...everybody's talking about it," said family friend Mary Mann.

"That's all people want around here. They're glad Carmelo is coming back but they're also glad he's gonna bring the Knicks back to where they belong," said one man.

Anthony and his family used to live at 79 Lorraine Street, Apt 1C in Red Hook. He attended P.S. 27 and lit up the basketball court even as a grade schooler.

"Everything started on this basketball court," said another man who resides at the Brooklyn housing project.

At 8-years-old, Anthony moved to a stretch of Baltimore known as "Murder Ave," but the four-time All Star never forgot about his neighbors in Brooklyn.

"Like they say he might have been manufactured in Baltimore but he was born in Brooklyn. You can tell that by the way he plays," said one resident.

Every summer Anthony hosts the local basketball tournament called 'Paradise Classic.' Over the years Anthony has even donated uniforms and bookbags to the neighborhood children.

"He plays basketball for me, he wins for me, he does everything for me," said one 10-year-old boy.

"I wanted him to come home so we can go to the game, " said family friend Denise Mann Williams.

Many close friends of the Anthony family still live at Red Hook. They attended his wedding last year, followed him on the road with the Denver Nuggets and now they look forward to watching him play for the home team.

"I'm just happy for him," said one kid.

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