New Car-Sharing Service to Roll Out in Brooklyn

Yet another car-sharing service says it is coming to the Big Apple, this time letting Brooklynites get cars on-demand for intra-borough trips.

Daimler AG-owned service Car2Go is rolling out in Brooklyn on Oct. 25, the company announced.

The service, which is similar to popular car-sharing service Zipcar, allows users to use an app to find a car parked nearby that they can drive. Once they find one of the service's Smart cars, they swipe a membership card over the front window, hop in and drive off.

But Car2Go says it's offerings are unlike other similar services in that it lets drivers park wherever they want, without having to return the vehicle to its original location.

Car2Go spokesman Thomas McNeil said the service, which is already available in several other U.S. and Canadian cities, seems like a good fit for the on-the-rise borough.

“Brooklyn’s thriving, up-and-coming, constantly expanding and changing,” he said.

To use the service, drivers will need to pay a yearly subscription and pass a driving record test. Fees per trip will run $0.41 per minute, plus tax.

At launch, only about 40 percent of Brooklyn will be covered by the service, and drivers won’t be able to leave their cars at metered spots. But Car2Go said it is looking at workarounds and hopes to expand in the city in the future.

At least one Brooklynite said the service could be a nice perk for the borough.

“That would be nice to just hop in a car and go,” said Annabel McEachron. “You’d get door-to-door service.”

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