Taxi Hits SUV, Which Jumps Curb and Runs into Scaffolding

Four people were injured in the series of crashes

A taxi struck an SUV being driven by an off-duty cop in Manhattan Thursday, causing it to jump the curb and strike some scaffolding, authorities say.

FDNY says four people were injured in the series of crashes at 42nd Street and First Avenue, including the driver and the passenger in the taxi, the driver of the SUV and a pedestrian. 

Officials said there was concern the scaffolding could come down at any moment, forcing the speedy rescue of the cab driver and his passenger, along with the driver of the SUV. 

A pedestrian also had to be rescued after she was struck by falling scaffolding. 

At one point, first responders feared a bicyclist had ended up under one of the cars. 

"We saw the bicyclist in front of the cab, we thought he might have been under," said FDNY Battalion 8 Fire Chief John Corcoran on the scene. "We checked and he obviously wasn't." 

The bicyclist was not injured, and EMS officials said three of the four people hurt suffered only minor injuries. The cab driver was said to be the most seriously injured.

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