Car Slams Into Grandmother, Boys Walking on New Jersey Street

What to Know

  • A car struck a grandmother and two small children in Keyport, New Jersey, Tuesday afternoon, police say
  • Witnesses describe all three laying on the ground; the baby was hit so hard he flew into bushes nearby
  • It's not clear what caused the driver to lose control

A car struck a woman and two small children on a New Jersey street, sending a baby flying so far he landed in the bushes halfway down the street, witnesses said. 

It's not clear what caused the driver to lose control at Butler and Main streets in Keyport Tuesday afternoon. Witnesses said the black sedan crashed into a grandmother and two small children, then ended up lodged on the side of a utility pole. 

Neighbors described hearing a loud crash, then running out to see a grandmother, a small child and a baby having been struck by a car. A crumpled stroller was on the ground. 

The grandmother was not moving on the ground but was able to talk, neighbors said. A little boy around 4 to 5 years old was laying in the dirt, and a baby was in the brush nearby after apparently being thrown by the car. 

"I ran over and it was a little boy laying facedown in the dirt, and he wasn't moving," said Samaya Slack. "He wasn't conscious but he was breathing."

Slack said a baby was found nearby.

"There was a baby that she was pulling in the wagon but no one could find him. And then we saw the baby carrier had flown into the bushes over there," she said. 

Witnesses said the driver appeared disoriented, and a baby also appeared to be in the car.

Police have not released conditions on the victims. 

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