Five People Hurt When Car Jumps Curb, Slams Restaurant

Five people were sent to the hospital after a car crashed into a restaurant on McDonald Avenue in Brooklyn Friday afternoon.

NBC New York got exclusive surveillance video from inside the restaurant, showing people inside scatter in fear as the car hits the windows.

It happened shortly after 3 p.m. in front of the restaurant at McDonald Avenue and Avenue I in Borough Park, police said.

Witnesses said a woman was speeding down Avenue I when she slammed into a bus stop at the corner, where several students were waiting for the bus.

The car then slammed into the restaurant behind the bus stop.

"She was speeding," said a store owner inside the restaurant's building at 1117 McDonald Ave. "She was flying."

The store owner said the car pushed in several of the students who were waiting for the bus outside, breaking through the window and the wall.

"Everybody was screaming," the store owner said. "It was like a disaster in there."

He added, "It was a matter of seconds," saying it was difficult to recall the exact sequence of the crash because of how suddenly it happened.

Six people in total were hit by the vehicle, according to police. One person sustained critical injuries, and five had minor injuries. One other person refused medical attention at the scene.

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