Girl Mowed Down After Man Falls Unconscious Behind the Wheel in Brooklyn, New York

A 13-year-old girl was injured after a man fell unconscious behind the wheel of his car, speeding into her while she stood on a Brooklyn sidewalk, police and family say.

The accident happened on Thursday while the girl was standing on the corner of 18th Avenue and 55th Street in Borough Park, on the block where she lives. 

Surveillance footage captured the moment the Toyota Camry ran through the intersection, pummeling into her.

Moments before the impact, the car can be seen speeding down the street with the back door hanging open -- a passenger trying to jump out, police said. The girl on the street tried to flee, but she was caught by the car and sent flying.

Witness Aaron Minz said people were screaming to call an ambulance after the crash. He said it looked like the driver of the car was not breathing, but surprisingly the girl wasn't severely injured.

"How she was grazed and thrown into the garden over there and came out with a little scrape is a miracle," he said.

Police said the young victim suffered a leg injury in the accident. She was treated and released from Maimonedes Medical Center, and returned home Thursday evening. Her father, Israel Hirshenbaum, told reporters outside the home that she's traumatized but is physically OK. 

He said her backpack made all the difference.

"Her backpack was very full of books, and that hold her back," said Hirshenbaum.

They said the driver, a 48-year-old man, fell unconscious inside the car after suffering a medical incident. He was in critical condition at Maimonedes Medical Center. The passenger wasn't injured. 

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