Cabbie Punches Another, Whips Him With Taxi Antenna in Fight at JFK Airport: Police

A fight between two yellow taxi cab drivers at Kennedy Airport led to one of them punching the other, then ripping the antenna off the victim's cab and whipping him with it, police say. 

The cabbies began arguing outside Terminal 4 at about 4:30 a.m. Sunday, according to Port Authority Police. One of them, a 26-year-old Corona man, opened the other cabbie's door, reached in and punched him. 

The suspect then took the antenna off the 42-year-old man's taxi and hit the victim in the head multiple times, police said.

The victim was treated by EMS, and the suspect's taxi was impounded by Port Authority police.

The suspect, Outmane Bouzid, was arrested on charges of assault, criminal possession of a weapon and harassment.

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