“The Real World: Brooklyn” – Psychos, Rats and Trannies!

A Busy Viewer's Guide to "The Real World: Brooklyn" Trailer

We totally get that you don't have two whole minutes to devote to watching the full just-posted trailer to the all-new, highly-anticipated, 21st (??!!) season of the MTV's The Real World: Brooklyn, which has been filming over on Red Hook's Pier 41 (that's the one right across from Fairway, kids) since August. So we've sucked the essentials out for you.

00:02: Establishing shot taken near the River Café. Note New York Waterfall (R.I.P., at right in frame) costs more than the entire filming budget of TRWB, but who's counting?

00:07: Seagull sounds added in, to amp up the On the Waterfront vibe. Brando rolls in his grave.

00:17: Boardwalk shot of Coney Island (with Astroland, also R.I.P., in the background) suggests all of Brooklyn is comprised of a single 100-yard stretch of waterside land.

00:28: Meet buzzed-about castmember Caitlin, a.k.a. The Transgendered One. That sound you hear in the background? Tyra Banks' copyright lawyers working overtime.

00:32: Pole-dancing!

00:40: Crying begins!

00:41: Loner dude plays acoustic guitar outside Fairway. Squint for Ikea water shuttle in the background.

00:50: Will he be this season's raving, Puck-style maniac? Shot of baseball-capped male holding a knife with voice-over about his suspected "issues" says the producers sure do hope so.

00:52: Tranny bikini shot!

1:06: More crying!

1:15: Asked if he's ever shot anyone, Puck 8.0 starts in with a Rain Man lip quiver. Still wearing the hat.

1:32: Rats! There are rats afoot. Somebody seems to be putting one in somebody's else's bed. Awesome.

1:46: Best interior shot of loft. Looks like Keith Haring went on a six-day acid bender with spray-paint in here.

1:49: Slow-mo shot of somebody smashing up the awful furniture. Double awesome! 

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